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Can I leave work to vote?

  You would have to be living under a rock to not know that presidential election primaries are happening throughout the country right now. In Wisconsin, we vote on Tuesday, April 5, 2016. In addition to Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and the other presidential hopefuls, Wisconsin voters will be asked to […]

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The Battle over the U.S. Supreme Court

The unexpected death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on Saturday, February 13, 2016 has ignited a firestorm intersecting politics and the law.  At the time of Justice Scalia’s death, many decisions of the Supreme Court were decided by a vote of five to four, with Justice Scalia almost always voting with the majority.  Thus, […]

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Wisconsin Supreme Court Primary Feb. 16, 2016

  While Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders go toe-to-toe in the Democratic presidential primary, and Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio battle it out for the Republicans, there is an oft-skipped election scheduled for Wisconsin this Tuesday, February 16, 2016.   Wisconsin voters will be asked to make decisions on nonpartisan […]

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