Leave work and vote tomorrow!

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re choosing a presidential candidate tomorrow. Will it be Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine on the Democratic ticket or Donald Trump/Mike Pence on the Republican ticket? In addition to the presidential election, several states will be voting on the senate. Here is a breakdown:

  • Current sitting senators: 54 Republicans + 45 Democrats
  • Senate seats up for grabs in this election: 34 seats

In Wisconsin, the major party candidates are Russ Feingold (Democrat) and Ron Johnson (Republican). Congressional seats, school referendums, state senate and state congressional races and more are on some ballots. Click here to see what will be on your ballot.

Keep in mind, you cannot be turned away for what you are wearing, so wear those campaign buttons and other items with pride!

For information regarding Wisconsin’s Voter ID Law and whether you can leave work to vote, check out KEW’s post from April, “Can I leave work to vote?



Go out and vote on tomorrow, November 8th!

For more information about voting during the work day, contact Attorney Leslie Elkins. For information about political candidates, contact Attorney Nicholas C. Watt.