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Transactions, disputes, zoning. 

Real Estate is a practice area that has found KEW through the growing success of our clients. As our clients expand their businesses and investment portfolios, our clients have increasingly wanted our involvement with real estate matters. This is a natural extension from our already robust landlord practice where we provide comprehensive representation to landlords. More information about landlords can be found here

Jessica Kramer of Kramer, Elkins & Watt LLC. Real Estate Attorney

Real Estate Transaction

KEW’s role in real estate transactions typically begins once a client has found a property it wishes to purchase, or if selling, finds a buyer to whom it desires to sell. From there, KEW becomes involved in drafting and reviewing offer documentation, and engaging in negotiation when necessary. Most of the real estate transactional work in which we engage is for commercial properties.

Real Estate Protection

The first step we discuss with clients is how to structure such a purchase such that the individual’s or business’ assets are most protected. A common set up is to create a new entity to own the real estate being purchased. For example, if a business client decides that client wishes to own the property where it conducts business, we might advise that a new LLC be set up to own the new property, and then the business pay rent to that LLC.


Zoning can become an issue where a business purchases a property that is currently zoned for a use that is allegedly different from that of the business’ intended usage. In such a scenario, KEW will analyze the zoning regulations and determine whether a zoning decision should be disputed, or whether the business should complete a change in use permit to proceed.


KEW has a robust landlord practice representing single family units, apartment buildings, Manufactured Housing Communities (MHCs), commercial properties, and more. More detailed information can be found on our other practice pages: Landlord, MHC.

All three partners, Jessica M. Kramer, Leslie Elkins and Nicholas C. Watt assist clients with real estate matters. To determine whether KEW may be able to assist with your real estate matter, contact KEW at info@kewlaw.com or 608-709-7115.