Public Health of Madison and Dane County to Lift Emergency Orders on June 2




May 18, 2021 | Business | COVID


On May 18, Public Health of Madison and Dane County (“PHMDC”) announced the next steps in response to COVID, largely in light of the CDC’s recent update on May 13 that fully vaccinated do not need to wear masks or physical distance in any setting (see here for more information from the CDC). As we discussed in a recent KEW Tip, Dane County is currently subject to Emergency Order #16, which will be effective until June 2.

PHMDC stated on May 18 that, come June 2, it will lift all Dane County Orders. This applies to any capacity restrictions, as well as any obligations for businesses to have hygiene policies, or any requirement to consider allowing employees to work remotely. PHMDC specifically mentioned that “masking requirements will become recommendations”. However, PHMDC states that individuals, businesses, and organizations may choose to enforce their own mask policies and encourages businesses to keep their hygiene plans and maintain flexibility with things like staffing, allowing working from home, and curbside delivery, etc.

PHMDC also strongly recommends that schools and youth settings continue mask requirements as COVID vaccinations are not available for those under age 12.

As always, if you have questions about the rights and obligations of your business under the Dane County’s latest order or other orders, requirements, and guidelines surrounding COVID-19, feel free to contact Kramer, Elkins & Watt, LLC at 608-709-7115.