KEW recently earned a victory for one of its litigation clients in the United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin.  A large creditor was attempting to collect nearly $300,000 in business debts from KEW’s client based upon a retroactive application of a contract the client had signed.  In other words, the creditor was attempting to hold the client liable for debts incurred months before the client signed a contract agreeing to be personally liable for present and future business debts – but not its past debts.  The Court held that the creditor could not apply the client’s contract to the past debts of the business even if those debts were presently owed.

If a creditor is demanding payment from you for something you do not feel you owe, or you and a partner, vendor, or private individual are in the middle of a contract dispute, please do not hesitate to contact KEW.  Or, conversely, if you are a creditor with a boilerplate contract and want to make sure you will be able to collect should the debtor default, let KEW’s attorneys review your contracts and provide guidance on contract language so that litigation can be avoided.  KEW is here to listen and respond to your legal needs in the most efficient way possible.