Ethics Complaint filed against Monona Terrace Executive Director

The Isthmus wrote an article about an Ethics Complaint filed by Associate Director of Monona Terrace, Katherine Hurtgen with the help of her attorneys, Kramer, Elkins & Watt. A few paragraphs of the article are posted right here, but the rest can be found at Isthmus.com.

“An employee of Monona Terrace Convention Center has accused the center’s executive director, Gregg McManners, of several ethics violations, including circumventing the competitive bid process and failing to enforce the city’s affirmative action requirements.

The complaint was filed by Katherine Hurtgen, associate director of finance and operations at Monona Terrace, with the assistance of the law firm Kramer, Elkins and Watt.

Attorney Leslie Elkins tells Isthmus that Hurtgen “came to us with some concerns about the actions of McManners and his failure to follow rules and being loosey-goosey with ordinances. Despite her consistently telling McManners and a couple of other players to follow the rules, they failed to do so.””

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