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The unicorn cat.

FOUND IT! The perfect image for my rad new website, A UNICORN CAT! Now, I’ll get a million clicks and my site will go viral. PUBLISH! Been there? Did you ever ask yourself, can I use that image? Without permission from the owner of that image, the answer to this question is a big fat […]

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Do I need to use the “LLC” in my business name?

So, you pick out the perfect name for your business, and then you go to the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions (WI DFI), and register it as a limited liability company, and realize, you’re required to stick that “LLC” at the end of your perfect business name. The same is true if you register as […]

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“Disparaging” trademark seekers, rejoice.

  Simon Tam chose the name, “The Slants,” for his Asian-American rock-band to make a statement about racial and cultural issues in this country. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejected Tam’s application to federally register the trademark, “The Slants,” finding it “disparaging.” Tam appealed and won. The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit says […]

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