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Unlearn What You Have Learned: Wisconsin’s New LLC Law

In April 2022, Governor Evers Signed Wisconsin Act 258. This Act makes significant changes to the statutes for all forms of business entities – corporations, non-stock corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships and limited liability companies. This article will focus specifically on the

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Can I Hold An Employee’s Paycheck?

Almost every employer has faced the following situation: an employee quits without notice, and still possesses property (uniforms, equipment, keys) that belong to the company. Or worse, the employee is disgruntled and damages property of the company on her way out.

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Do I Need To Provide Leave To My Employees?

First of all, when we say “leave” we are referring to leave as a general term of not being required to be at work. So, leave is an umbrella term that refers to vacation time, sick time, personal time, PTO and whatever other creative term may be used to refer to time away from work.

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How to Serve an Eviction Notice

How To Serve An Eviction Notice May 10, 2022 | Landlord   Attorney Joe Andreoni discusses how to serve an eviction notice in Wisconsin. For more information about serving eviction notices, or other landlord and/or eviction questions, contact Kramer, Elkins

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Do I Really Need To Shovel Snow?

As winter rolls on, it gets tougher and tougher for even the hardiest Wisconsinites to pull themselves out of bed before work and shovel out the previous night’s snowfall. This is especially true when snow accumulates on consecutive days or the piles of snow bordering our sidewalks get to be chest high.

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