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Archive: January 2020

New Department of Labor Rule: Overtime Calculations

  On January 15, the Department of Labor announced its second Final Rule of 2020, available here: Department of Labor Final Rule. This Final Rule clarifies what constitutes an employee’s “regular rate of pay.” See New Overtime Rules for the first Final Rule of 2020, which updated overtime rules, most notably salary levels. What is […]

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Think twice before using CCAP

In Wisconsin, over the last decade or so, ‘CCAPing’ (pronounced ‘see-capping’) has become a verb.  It’s how many of us check someone out, whether it be a friend, that creepy neighbor, our boyfriend’s wacky ex-girlfriend, a potential suitor, or a potential employee.  Stop right there.  Did you say, potential employee?  If you have ever CCAPed […]

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New Overtime Rules in Effect January 2020

In September, we warned you that changes to Federal overtime rules were coming,  which you can find at Well, as you were ringing in the new year, these new rules were made official. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) dictates federal overtime rules including which employees are eligible for overtime (non-exempt employees) and which […]

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