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Archive: April 2018

Landlord Law: Emotional Support Animals

On April 18, 2018, Governor Walker signed 2017 WI Act 317 which contains several provisions pertaining to the rights of landlords and tenants. In general, the changes are landlord-friendly. The breadth of the act is too large in scope for this blog article. But, check back with KEW Tips for more laws affecting landlords. This […]

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Do I need to use the “LLC” in my business name?

So, you pick out the perfect name for your business, and then you go to the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions (WI DFI), and register it as a limited liability company, and realize, you’re required to stick that “LLC” at the end of your perfect business name. The same is true if you register as […]

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Vote Tomorrow!

Wisconsin voters once again will head to the polls tomorrow, April 3, 2018 where two statewide concerns will be decided.  One, an election of a new justice to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  The other, whether the Wisconsin Treasurer should remain an elected official or that office’s job duties split apart to varying people appointed by […]

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