Do business owners need to pay Unemployment Insurance?

Cartoon of people lined up at the unemployment office

Do business owners need to pay Unemployment Insurance? June 18, 2021 | Business | Employment   Let’s start with some background on unemployment insurance in Wisconsin. This article focuses on unemployment insurance from an employer’s perspective and specifically under Wisconsin state law. As such, we are not discussing the expanded unemployment provisions in the CARES […]

How Badly Does My Employee Have to Mess Up to be Denied UI Benefits?

Illustration of employee being fired

Updated: May 2, 2019 An employee messed up.  You need to fire him or her.  Will he or she receive unemployment insurance (“UI” also sometimes referred to as unemployment compensation) benefits?  Well, the UI division, and the courts, look at just how bad the conduct was.  In a recent decision, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals […]

How do probationary periods affect Unemployment Insurance?

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If I terminate an employee after a 90 day probationary period, do I still have to pay Unemployment Insurance? Most likely, yes. But, not immediately. And, possibly not ever. Contrary to popular belief, a probationary status has no bearing on whether an employer has to pay unemployment insurance. Whether an employer plans on having its […]