Can I Hold An Employee’s Paycheck?

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Almost every employer has faced the following situation: an employee quits without notice, and still possesses property (uniforms, equipment, keys) that belong to the company. Or worse, the employee is disgruntled and damages property of the company on her way out.

Do I Need To Provide Leave To My Employees?

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First of all, when we say “leave” we are referring to leave as a general term of not being required to be at work. So, leave is an umbrella term that refers to vacation time, sick time, personal time, PTO and whatever other creative term may be used to refer to time away from work.

The Supreme Court Issues Opinions on Two Vaccination Mandates

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The Supreme Court Issues Opinions on Two Vaccination Mandates:What Employers Need to Know January 17, 2022 | COVID | Employment   On January 13, The Supreme Court of the United States issued two important decisions pertaining to vaccinations in the workplace. In one ruling, the Supreme Court struck down the Biden Administration’s OSHA rule requiring employers […]

CDC’s Eviction Moratorium Upended by the Supreme Court

CDC’s Eviction Moratorium Upended by Supreme Court August 27, 2021 | COVID | Current Events | Landlord   The Supreme Court issued a new opinion on August 26, 2021 which will perhaps be an end to the ongoing dispute over the legality of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (the “CDC”) eviction moratorium (the […]

Employee or Independent Contractor?

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  Employee or Independent Contractor? May 13, 2021 | Business | Employment   Whether an individual worker can or should be classified as an employee or independent contractor is a crucial question that every employer needs to answer before bringing on a worker. This article is focused on issues facing Wisconsin employers. This article is […]

American Rescue Plan Act – Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Stimulus

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American Rescue Plan Act – Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Stimulus March 16, 2021 | COVID | Current Events | Employment   President Biden signed a massive piece of COVID-19 relief legislation on Thursday, March 11, with benefits totaling approximately $1.9 trillion dollars. The bill, named the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), provides the well-publicized $1,400 for […]

How Badly Does My Employee Have to Mess Up to be Denied UI Benefits?

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Updated: May 2, 2019 An employee messed up.  You need to fire him or her.  Will he or she receive unemployment insurance (“UI” also sometimes referred to as unemployment compensation) benefits?  Well, the UI division, and the courts, look at just how bad the conduct was.  In a recent decision, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals […]

How do probationary periods affect Unemployment Insurance?

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If I terminate an employee after a 90 day probationary period, do I still have to pay Unemployment Insurance? Most likely, yes. But, not immediately. And, possibly not ever. Contrary to popular belief, a probationary status has no bearing on whether an employer has to pay unemployment insurance. Whether an employer plans on having its […]