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According to the dictionary, litigation means “the process of taking legal action.” In other words, litigation is a formal way to resolve a dispute with the help of a court system. Litigation success is largely dependent on preparation, and an attorney’s knowledge of civil procedure and strategy.

We are Trial Attorneys

We thrive in the courtroom, delivering well-researched arguments, articulating facts, advocating for our client. Be it fraud, breach of contract, business dispute, malpractice, misrepresentation, trademark infringement, or any other issue – we have the fortitude and determination to provide persistent yet careful representation achieved through close communication with our client and tailoring our representation to appeal to individual client needs. In working a case, we push full steam ahead towards trial, crafting an innovative legal strategy. At the same time, we are aware of the realities of the costs and stress litigation may bring, and negotiate with opposing counsel to work toward the best possible result.

Some of the types of litigation cases that KEW attorneys take on are as follows:

Business Owner Disputes

All too often, we are confronted by individuals who tell us that their business partners are using company funds for personal expenses, not putting in their fair share of work into the business, blocking our clients’ access to the business or taking other action to harm the business. Our approach to representing businesses in owner disputes involves building a client story through compilation of facts, finding strong points in the business governance documents, and piecing together applicable parts of the law, while always focusing on our client’s perspective.

Breach of Contract

KEW represents businesses and individuals in dispute over the terms of a contract, or those that have been wronged after entering into an agreement. Oftentimes, contracts have vague terms or missing provisions altogether which may cause disputes. Didn’t have an agreement? That doesn’t necessarily mean that you are without recourse.


Reliance on the statements of others in decision-making is a basic tenet of transactions. In the event a statement is found out to be false, or misleading, a claim for misrepresentation may arise. A misrepresentation claim may be found in a variety of settings: real estate, contract negotiation and a business purchase/sale to name a few. The attorneys at Kramer, Elkins & Watt, LLC are available to help you discern whether you may have a viable claim. On the flip side, we are happy defend if you find yourself on the receiving end of a lawsuit.


Professionals such as attorneys and accountants must adhere to certain standards while delivering services to their clients. In the event you have been damaged in some way, and you believe a professional may have acted negligently or failed to properly deliver while providing you services, you may have a claim for professional malpractice.

Need a Trial Lawyer to Represent You?

Whether it’s, “I’m being sued!” or, “I need to sue,” KEW Lawyers can help you.

And if you’re having an issue that doesn’t fall squarely within one of the categories listed above, don’t fret. A KEW attorney may be able to help you out as this list does not comprise all of the types of cases that we handle.

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