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Whether you need help with Small Business affairs, Employment law or Landlord issues, we’re attorneys who can help.

Our goal is to set up your business so that you are as protected as possible from potential problems. We work to achieve this goal by working with you, instead of talking at you.

Kramer, Elkins & Watt, LLC offers a variety of services to business clients, and often serves as general counsel for them. The following list includes some of what this entails.

Employee Issues

Please see our dedicated Employment page all about this topic.

Business Set-up & Formation

Potential clients often come to us before their business has officially begun, and tell us, “I just want to make sure that everything is all right from a legal perspective.”

At this point, the first step is for us to meet with the potential client and carefully listen to the details of the potential client’s business. Upon meeting with the potential client, we are able to provide recommendations as to what the business might need. We do not believe in a “one size fits all approach,” and carefully tailor our recommendations to each individual’s business.

The beginning of any business is to register an entity. Some businesses are best as LLCs, sometimes corporations and partnerships. We talk through each type of entity to provide guidance as to the best fit for the business.

The best way to set up a business for success in the future, is to make sure the business owners discuss how to handle tricky potential business issues at the outset in the form of an operating agreement, partnership agreement, shareholder agreement or other governing document depending on the individual business. At KEW, we think of this document almost as insurance against a messy “business divorce” in the future. The document is important, but what is almost more important is the discussion between business partners that goes into it. In the process of drafting an operating agreement or the like, KEW meets with all business partners and runs through questions with both to get an understanding ahead of time as to how to work through problems. Such questions might be, what is your plan if a partner becomes permanently disabled? Have you considered what happens if one of the partners becomes divorced, and what rights to the business the spouse may have?

Client Contracts

At its most basic, a client contract is a communication vehicle. It is an opportunity to express details about how a business owner operates and the expectations a business owner has from a client.

The best client contracts are clear and easy to understand by the business owner and the client. At KEW, we set ourselves apart by working to make sure that business owners understand every word of their contracts. We do this because we have found that this is the best way for our clients to avoid future issues (read: avoid getting sued!).

Compliance & Regulation

We have business clients in a variety of industries, many of which are regulated by state statutes and administrative codes. At KEW, we work with our clients to make sure business practices are in place to ensure compliance with the regulations.

Of course, we don’t live in a perfect world, and not all of our clients are able to meet with us before realizing they’re subject to certain industry regulations. Sometimes the regulators even find a violation first. KEW attorneys are equipped to represent clients before state and administrative agencies.

Buying and Selling a Business

Purchasing and selling a business requires careful planning and documentation. The type of documentation depends, among other things, on the type of business, entity structure, and number of business owners.

KEW’s approach in providing representation for a purchase or sale involves a discussion with our client regarding plans and goals for the future, careful analysis of business assets and liabilities and coordination with tax professionals.

Intellectual Property Law Consultation

Trademark and Copyright concerns abound when embarking upon a business venture. Central to any potential problem is the issue of unfair competition.

At KEW, we provide advice to clients seeking to protect their own intellectual property, as well as those who have concerns about potentially violating trademark/copyright laws. Such concerns continue to increase as social media becomes more of a presence in all of our businesses.

Litigation: Going to Court

We are trial attorneys. Each one of us has been in the courtroom questioning witnesses, objecting to opposing counsel, delivering closing arguments. Be it fraud, breach of contract, malpractice, a lease dispute, trademark infringement, or whatever your issue – we absolutely love it, and we will go there with you.

But, we don’t want your case to get to that point if we can help it. While building your case and preparing for trial, we are communicating with you and tailoring our representation to suit your needs while crafting an innovative legal strategy and negotiating with opposing counsel to work toward the best possible result.

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