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Divorce & Family Law

Divorce Attorney

So, it’s not working out and you need a divorce lawyer. Let’s try to get through this as efficiently as possible. Attitudes regarding divorce range from relief and eagerness to anxiety and bitterness.  Maybe we can all get together and iron out an agreement in a couple hours and be done with it.

Perhaps it is more difficult and emotionally exhausting. In the event it’s more complicated and you need help with child support or you’re not sure what a legal separation entails, we are here to help. Or perhaps your situation is more severe. Are you a victim of domestic abuse and worried about you and your child’s safety?

Regardless of whether your family is ready for a collaborative divorce or you need to fight it out in the courtroom we can help you.

Child Custody Lawyer

Maybe to were divorced years ago but your original child custody arrangement with your former spouse is no longer working out.  Or maybe you have a child with a partner to whom you were never married and need to establish child custody with the court.

It is crucial to establish your rights to child custody and placement as early as you can, particularly if the other parent is blocking you from your fair share of time.

Your child is your life, and you would do anything to make sure you are involved in their life. We can help you fight for your parental rights.

Child Support Law

Is your former spouse failing to pay his or her ordered child support? Do you fear that your former partner is deliberately hiding income or not working to avoid paying child support?

Or did your job or income change and you can no longer afford your child support as ordered by the court and arrears are mounting up?

Whether you are paying or receiving child support, our lawyers can help you find the right amount.

Family Law

Family lawyers are not just for divorcing couples or partners with a child, they are for those forming a new family, too.

KEW’s lawyers can draft marital property agreements, more commonly known as pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreements, for soon to be wed and already married couples.  You may have income and assets you want to protect in the unlikely event of a divorce.

Or maybe you just want to understand the legal effects and consequences of marriage before the big day.

No matter your family and divorce law needs, KEW Attorney Nicholas C. Watt is here to help you find a proactive solution.

Contact us today for help.